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To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities
and related disorders in living meaningful lives.

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Vocational Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Work and career are a large part of any individual’s life. As such, NHS places a large emphasis on supporting individuals in their career paths.

Our Vocational Coordinators, in conjunction with our direct support staff, work with employers in the area to cultivate work environments accepting of diversity.

ndividuals seeking vocational assistance can expect support in career planning, including skills assessment, creating a resume, developing interview skills and job shadowing/job tryouts.

ocational Coordinators advocate for individuals, assisting them in finding employment which emphasizes their strengths, can be managed with as little support as possible, and will be a positive work environment for that individual. NHS believes that the best “job coaches” are an individual’s co-workers and we work with employers to develop these natural supports. We also assist employers to “carve” out pieces of positions which provides greater flexibility and opportunity for both the employer and the individuals we serve.

We believe that every individual who wants to work deserves employment that is worthwhile and gainful. To that end we creatively seek employers and opportunities which recognize an individual’s capabilities and who, with respect and dialogue, will mentor and nurture an individual.

We work closely with area schools to transition students from school to work. Beginning in the schools, students avail themselves of the full range of services offered: learning portable job skills, learning to develop a resume, practicing interview skills, and exploring jobs through job “try-outs”.

In many cases the “right job” may need to be created to fully recognize an individuals potential. NHS encourages individuals to tap their entrepreneurial spirit and launch new businesses. We have many individuals who successfully own and operate small businesses throughout the North Country. NHS assists in the process, working to develop supports to position the individual to succeed.

NHS Vocational Coordinators also work very closely with individuals referred to them by NH Vocational Rehabilitation.

Financial Case Management

Individuals being served by NHS may need assistance deciphering the often confusing world of benefits. An individual may avail themselves of the expertise of a Financial Case Manager.

Financial Case Managers are liaisons who assist individuals and their families to navigate the benefit systems, primarily Social Security and Health and Human Services (HHS). They assist in understanding requirements and limits for such programs as SSI, SSDI, EBT, APTD. Financial Case Managers keep people apprised of changes to those programs, to the impact on benefits brought on by life changes, changes to an individuals MEAD rights, and other related matters. Financial Case Managers also interface with State Financial Services.

In cases where an individual requires (or desires) a rep payee, a Financial Case Manager may act as the rep-payee for a client, managing the payment of the individual’s monthly expenses.

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