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To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities
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Residential Options for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Individuals served by NHS have a wide range of individualized housing options from which to choose. NHS believes that the housing arrangements for each individual should offer independence while also providing the necessary support for their specific needs.

Living with Family

Often an individual chooses to live with their family. NHS offers support and resources to assist the individual and the family (see Family Support). Community Support Services Some individuals are able to live in their own apartment or house with some support provided by agency staff members. The staff help the individual with whatever they need, i.e. grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, transportation, etc.

Enhanced Family Care Home

This is an average home in the community that happens to be certified through the State of New Hampshire to provide adult foster care for one, two or three developmentally disabled individuals. The purpose of adult foster care is to provide support, supervision and possibly personal care to adults with developmental disabilities who are not able to live on their own. These supports for daily living include opportunities for clients to experience new things, develop interests, hobbies, friendships and skills. These homes and the providers must meet several safety requirements set forth by State of New Hampshire.

Staffed Homes

This is the same type of home as the enhanced family care home but it is staffed by employees of the agency.

Vendor Placements

When the needs of an individual cannot be best met through the residential options offered through NHS, we will actively look for alternative living situations offered by vendors.

Specialized Residential Treatments

In specific cases where an individual exhibits severe behavioral issues, or there are community safety concerns, specialized residential housing options offering behavioral modification/education services are available.

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