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To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities
and related disorders in living meaningful lives.

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Community-Based Day Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

NHS exists to support people in having a full life. The more closely we listen to an individual, the better life, and quality of life, that individual is able to build and enjoy.

NHS supports individuals to become vital members of their communities. We believe that there is a place of value for every member in the community, and it is our role to assist communities in supporting their members along their journey. We assist individuals to build genuine relationships, based on respect, within the community. Individuals who have strong relationships and caring people in their lives are healthier, happier and safer.

We encourage individuals to join civic and community organizations and to explore their interests in their local communities ~ to reach out and meet new people. We don’t congregate or segregate based on a person’s disability, and we don’t place people in programs, we believe in a natural whole life (holistic) approach.

NHS supports individuals in prioritizing activities in their daily lives. At NHS we believe that a full life is a normal life, and as such work is a priority. Everyone who wants to work is encouraged to and supported to work (see Vocational Services).

NHS promotes volunteerism in the community. We believe vital members of a community are contributing members, and as such we challenge individuals to find their unique role in the community, whether it be direct volunteering, joining a local civic organization, becoming active in their church or through some other community action.

NHS recognizes that a full life is well-balanced. NHS encourages individuals to be physically active to the extent of their capability. Many individuals have discovered the wonders of the North Country through hiking, swimming, skiing and other physical activity. Individuals are supported in their physical pursuits to whatever extent needed. We have at times partnered with local organizations, such as local gyms, swimming centers, and the Loon Mountain and Bretton Woods Adaptive Programs to offer adaptive and safe solutions to recreational pursuits.

We inspire individuals to pursue personal interests creatively and in real settings. For example, two individuals who are interested in music and radio have been guests on local radio station WLTN. NHS strives to foster these real connections and relationships. Our goal is for an individual to realize the full vision for his life.

No life is full without friends and family. NHS fosters relationship building, both with family and friends through visiting, participating in community activities, and through work and volunteer time. We encourage individuals to become involved and through work, volunteering and pursuing their passions, individuals meet other people and friendships are kindled. Such is a full life.

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