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To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities
and related disorders in living meaningful lives.

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FCESS Consultation Services

Northern Human Services works with a variety of organizations that assist infants and toddlers with developmental delays, disabilities and/or established conditions. Depending on the specific condition, ESS will work in conjunction with related organizations to help families secure as many services and resources as possible for their eligible child.

Behavioral Intervention Services

Professionals from various fields of mental health are available for consultation when needed. Consultants gather and interpret information about a child’s mental health, behavior, and conditions related to learning, and they help develop a program for the child and family. Counseling services for parents/guardians is also available.
Such specialists may help families design personalized behavior management/ skill development systems with positive reinforcement for their children. Often times such specialists are consulted regarding children who may have autism or other conditions that impact behavior and response.

Hearing Impairment

Through the Bureau of Special Medical Services, the FCESS program has consultation services for children identified with auditory impairments. The MICE program provides training to FCESS professionals and families on what services to provide hearing impaired children and how to provide them. ESS works with other organizations specializing in hearing loss and will connect families with such entities.

Vision Impairment

The Bureau of Special Medical Services provides consultation services from the MICE program for vision impaired children. The vision specialists provide FCESS professionals and families with information on communication skills training, orientation and mobility training for all environments, visual training, and additional training necessary to develop visual motor abilities.
ESS also works with other organizations specializing in vision loss and will connect families with such entities.

Sensory Integration

Consultations and programs in the field of sensory integration are available to the FCESS program when needed. These professionals work with FCESS staff and families on how to develop activities and programs that help children in organizing sensory information. Sensory integration activities can also be beneficial to children with visual, hearing, cognitive and social/emotional delays/disabilities.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Professional expertise is available to the FCESS program for families with children who have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Consultations, activity planning, program development, and family education are some of the services that experts in this field are able to provide. <73>When available, the State offers a small funding source for support of specific autism interventions such as autism specialist support and paraprofessional support. To apply, children must officially be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Service Coordination/Case Management

Families that are eligible for services from the FCESS program are assigned a Service Coordinator. The service coordinator manages all aspects of a child’s program and is a family’s contact person within the program. The service coordinator oversees many aspects of the child’s program including: scheduling for assessments, Individualized Family Support Plan meetings, consultations, transition conferences, and other pertinent appointments. They also provide families information on available community resources that would be beneficial to a child’s development such as activities and educational information.

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