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To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities
and related disorders in living meaningful lives.

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Mental Health Services for Adults and Children


Your first appointment will be with a clinician who will gather information to help determine the best way to help you or your child. We will listen to your concerns and to those of your child to develop a treatment plan. You will be matched with an appropriate staff person who will provide you with needed services at the next appointment.

Outpatient Therapy

Therapy will help you or your child to identify difficulties in functioning, and ways to manage these difficulties, through shared work toward recovery goals. Through therapy, you or your child will have an opportunity to share  thoughts and feelings, and measure your progress with the services of a qualified professional. Therapy may include the whole family, a couple or just the individual.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Northern Human Services offers treatment for individuals who abuse or are addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.  Counseling helps individuals to understand how their alcohol and drug use affects their daily living and causes family conflict, irregular employment, legal consequences, etc. In many cases, counseling provides the first step towards comprehensive treatment.

Emergency Services

These services are available to people who may be experiencing distress or a life-threatening situation. Emergency services are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week .  A call to a Northern Human Services trained staff member will determine whether immediate assistance is necessary. During the phone conversation, a plan that both you and the staff member are comfortable with will be developed. Arrangements may be made for meeting with a therapist. This meeting may occur at Northern Human Services location, or at a local hospital emergency department after business hours.

Psychiatric Services

Northern Human Services employs experienced physicians who specialize in psychiatric assessment and care. Your clinician may refer you to a psychiatrist for assessment of medication and/or medication monitoring.

Victim's Assistance

Northern Human Services receives grant funding from the New Hampshire Department of Justice to provide outpatient services to victims of crime and abuse. These services may be provided to either children or adults and usually consist of counseling and advocacy. For further information, visit the New Hampshire Department of Justice website.

*Case Management

A case manager can help link you with community resources and benefits to help restore and strengthen your ability to live independently. Case management services also include advocacy, service planning, and support in negotiating systems of care.

*Functional Supports & Services

These services are provided to individuals experiencing difficulty living independently in the community due to a diagnosed mental illness. These supports are aimed at teaching recovery skills, daily living skills, relapse prevention, and crisis intervention to prevent psychiatric hospitalization.


Northern Human Services staff can refer you to other programs offered, or other community resources depending on your identified needs. We maintain strong collaborative relationships with all community service providers.

Consultation & Education

Northern Human Services can provide community education and consultation to agencies, groups, or coalitions around issues related to mental health. We can tailor presentations to specific topics depending upon the interest of the group. Northern Human Services can also provide services on-site through contract arrangements with other health care providers or businesses.
Additional Services for Adults

*Supported Employment Services

Management’s Commitment to Supported Employment Services,

Why do people work? For many reasons; chances are they work for the money! Along with that can come financial freedom. Many people enjoy the challenges that work offers and the opportunity to learn new things. Others enjoy the social interaction and chance to contribute to their community in a positive manner. Still others like the structure during the day and the positive self identity that can result from working.

(Supported Employment Success Story)

Why does Northern Human Services focus on supported employment?

The agency is working hard to devote sufficient resources to supported employment to permit full access to all consumers who seek competitive employment. Our senior management team firmly believes that the provision of supported employment services to consumers is an essential part of recovery. Most people want to work. We also believe that work is an effective adjunct to other treatment alternatives. Staff who are trained to deliver evidenced based supported employment can demonstrate better competitive employment outcomes than those who have not received such training. Individuals who are working report:

• Positive outcomes from competitive work
• Better control of psychiatric symptoms
• Higher self-esteem
• More satisfaction with finances and with leisure

At Northern Human Services, consumers are not excluded from supported employment services because “they are not ready”, because of lack of work history, substance abuse, symptoms or other characteristics. In fact, nobody is excluded who wants to participate. Supported employment is integrated with treatment. This means that employment specialists coordinate plans with the treatment team which includes case manages, therapists, psychiatrists and others. Competitive Employment is the goal.

Also, benefits planning and guidance help consumers make informed decisions about job starts and changes. Consumer preferences are important. Job searches are based on consumers’ preferences, strengths and work experiences; not on the pool of jobs that are available. Job searches start soon after a consumer expresses interest in working. Follow along support is ongoing. Employment Specialists continue to stay in regular contact with consumer and, when appropriate, the employer without predetermined time frames.

Northern Human Services mission is “To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities and related disorders in living meaningful lives.” We reaffirm that supported employment services can result in positive outcomes for people who choose to seek employment.

Eric Johnson, CEO

*Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) 

ACT services are customized to the individual needs of identified individuals, and delivered by a team of professionals who are available 24 hours/day. ACT helps to prevent psychiatric hospitalizations, and is based in the local communitites of those who need intensive community support services.

*Illness Management and Recovery

The Illness Management and Recovery Program is a series of weekly sessions in which a specially trained mental health practitioner will help you develop your own personal strategies for coping with mental illness and moving forward in your life. The program can be provided in an individual or group format, and generally lasts between 3 to 6 months. What is provided in the Illness Management and Recovery Program?

• You will receive educational handouts, planning sheets, and checklists.
• A practitioner will help you to apply the contents of the handouts to develop your own strategies for managing mental illness and setting and achieving goals
• You will have opportunities to practice your personalized strategies in the sessions and in your every day life.
• What will you learn in the Illness Management and Recovery Program?

The following subjects are covered in educational handouts:
• Recovery Strategies
• Practical Facts About Mental Illness
• The Stress-Vulnerability Model and Treatment Strategies
• Building Social Support
• Using Medication Effectively
• Drug and Alcohol Use
• Reducing Relapses
• Coping with Stress
• Coping with Problems and Symptoms
• Getting Your Needs Met in the Mental Health System
• Healthy Lifestyles

What is the role of family members and other supporters in this program?
With your permission, family members and other supporters may be involved in reading the educational handouts, attending some sessions, and helping you develop and implement plans for coping with symptoms, reducing relapses and pursuing recovery goals.

*Residential Services

Northern Human Services offers residential group living for people diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. These homes provide a supported environment in which residents can learn functional daily living skills to prepare them for more independent living situations. Length of stay varies depending upon individual needs.

*Financial Case Management

Trained staff can determine whether eligibility for financial assistance or other entitlement benefits is possible. Financial case management can help to complete applications for public assistance, and help to monitor eligibility for continued benefits, as well as providing valuable education about available financial and community resources.

Employee Assistance Programs

Northern Human Services can contract with local employers to provide assessment or evaluations to their employees upon referral. We can also provide on-site training to supervisors and managers in identifying employee performance issues and how to address these issues with their employees.

Child Impact Program

The intent of this state mandated program is to provide information to married or unmarried parents of minor children appearing before the Court regarding allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. The Child Impact Program is a seminar on how to help children deal with the issues surrounding divorce, separation and the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities to minimize the adverse impact on children of the litigation process and the family's separation.

Elder Services (Resident Education and Assistance Program - REAP)

Northern Human Services receives grant funding from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority to address problems of undiagnosed substance abuse among elderly residents living in subsidized public and private housing. REAP focuses on education and prevention targeting elders and their service providers in subsidized housing complexes. This program provides  elder-specific assessment, home-based assessment, referral and education .
Additional Services for Children

*Parenting Education

Northern Human Services staff can provide parents with skills training to assist them in coping with stress resulting from difficulties managing their children with a severe emotional disturbance that can negatively affect their lives. For the convenience of families, NHS is able to provide this service in the homes of eligible children.

Infant / Early Childhood Mental Health (Birth to age 7)

This is an interdisciplinary practice where staff provide relationship-focused interventions to the parents, foster parents, or other primary caregivers with infants and toddlers.  Goals include maximizing the emotional, physical, social and cognitive well-being of zero to five year old children and their caregivers.

*These services may be provided to individuals meeting specific eligibility requirements because they have a severe mental illness or emotional disability.

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