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To assist and advocate for people affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities
and related disorders in living meaningful lives.

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Developmental Disabilities Services for Adults and Children

Eligibility Determination

When an individual is referred to NHS as a potential service provider, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met.

To qualify for funding for Developmental Services, an individual must have a developmental disability as defined by He-M 503b.05 (link), or in the case of traumatic/acquired brain disorder by He-M 522 (link). In cases where there needs to be further evaluation to determine eligibility, NHS may have a licensed psychologist further evaluate an individual. This testing/evaluation with a developmental specialist may include IQ testing and the assessment of an individual’s functional abilities.

Once a person is determined eligible for services, they must complete an application to receive services from NHS. NHS then meets with the individual and other people involved in their life to talk about their support needs, goals and plans. Funding is requested for the individual’s anticipated needs, and once funding is secured, the individual begins to receive services.

An service agreement meeting will be held with the individual, family members and relevant NHS staff persons. This meeting will be facilitated by the Service Coordinator and will address the individual’s goals and vision for his life and to design a program of services tailored to the individual’s unique needs.

Family Support

Information and referral services and support for families that have a member with developmental disability or acquired brain disorder living with them. Services may include trainings, informational meetings, parent/caregiver or sibling support groups, and help to connect to other appropriate community services. Family Support can also include the following:

Respite: Respite is funding for care in the home or in the community to provide a break for other family members. The family has full freedom and control in choosing their own provider(s) with the training and safeguards to assure appropriateness and quality of services and supports provided. Respite may be used as day, evening, or night care, either on special occasions, emergency situations, or whenever the family chooses.

High School Transition Supports: Supports to help with the planning for the transition from school programs to adult supports including identifying needs, exploring options and help accessing adult benefits, services and other community resources.

Service Coordination

Each individual served by NHS receives service coordination to ensure their support needs are being addressed. Service Coordinators are responsible for the planning, implementation and coordination of services an individual receives. At NHS we don’t place an individual in a program, we build a program around the individual. This allows the individual the freedom to experience life fully, to pursue their unique and personal visions, and ultimately to grow through the experience.

Service Coordinators act as an advocate for the individual served, to ensure that their voice is heard throughout the process. NHS believes that individuals need to direct their own lives, make their own choices, and manage the outcomes of those choices. NHS believes in giving up as much control as possible to the individual, all the while supporting them through daily life.

Service Coordinators also monitor the services an individual receives. This built-in safeguard makes sure that services provided are meeting an individual’s support needs, that the individual is receiving the necessary supports to achieve life goals, and the freedom to explore interests and pursuits.

Service Coordinators are an integral part of the core team surrounding an individual. Each individual may have many people on their team, and the Service Coordinator acts as a liaison/facilitator for the team.

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